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Are you looking for alternative medicine choices? Are you experiencing failures of mainstream medicine as modern complimentary medicine still doesn’t take wellness seriously? if that’s the case we should, however, be working toward keeping and improving what works for you and fixing what doesn’t in your body, mind and emotions.

I am a certified Reiki Grandmaster and a Theta Healer focused on helping others find balance and inner peace through lifelong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I am a registered member of the academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada since January 2017.

In the past four years of my journey as a natural healer I had provided countless successful healing sessions to several cases varied between having physical, emotional or spiritual issues. Sessions were provided in a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. My clients seek my help to unblock the flow of energy in their bodies thus restoring balance and well being. Sometimes due to emotional or physical trauma, the energy paths in our bodies get blocked and that causes us to feel badly or make bad decisions. The blockages can be  addressed by a healer’s energy focused on opening the blockage. As a healer I use my both hands to channel the flow of energy.  Sessions consist of various healing modalities (hands on or distant energy healing). Most of the people who have received successful healing from me have described feeling either a vibration or tingling sensation, or a feeling of a traveling heat, or flush of coolness that seems to flow through their body to a specific area. At minimum my sessions provided intense relief to them.

In addition to my natural healing abilities using different modalities , I am also certified as a life coach. I find that incorporating the benefits from more than one holistic approach can help to enhance your overall well-being.

Najwa Hamandi

On 20th of March 2017 I slipped on the ice and injured my right knee. It turned out that I had a broken piece of bone detached with the back ligament of my knee.
In the same week I called Najwa before I get diagnosed by any doctors. At that time I had a severe pain and a swollen leg that I can’t stretch flat. She gave me a healing session over the phone and I was amazed to see, with my own eyes, the swelling disappeared!  Finally – pain relief! And, I was also now able to stretch my leg flat. I slept for the first time since days that night.

I was referred to a specialist after 3 weeks and in his initial assessment he was shocked that I’m actually healing. However, his ‘logical medical mind’ prepared me for 3 months of healing, then to be followed by surgery.

However, after each weekly appointment with him he’d go “this is a miraculous case”.  The healing is going faster than anything he’s seen before and according to him such injuries usually take 3 months to heal the bone AND surgery is inevitable.

Now and after the 3 months had passed I got the exam result: The bone is healed 100% and according to that NO NEED FOR SURGERY!!!

Najwa was following my case and supporting me from the start, with in-person and over-the-phone Reiki sessions the whole time. The fact that I was taken care of by her capable healing hands has been not just a physical comfort for me, but she’s also saved me from weeks and months of frustrating, slow healing as well as so much less stress from such an inconvenient situation!

To say that I am grateful for Najwa and her amazing gift as a healer is an understatement. From the bottom of my heart thank you Najwa, you are my hero !

Ban Alquzweny

Designer, Montreal-Qc

I did not feel hesitant working with Najwa; however, I was not aware of the process of the session and what I should be expecting. My first session with Najwa was regarding sever pain in my lower back and left hand wrist. Najwa performed a reiki session through which she focused on the two parts of my body where I was experiencing severe pain. Directly after the first session, I felt a great relief and I was able to move my hand. The second session was during my final exams; I have the tendency to become extremely stressed by written exams; as such, right before I walk into the classroom, I called Najwa for a quick advice. Graciously, Najwa provided me with a distanced reiki session to help me to relax and focus on the given task with ease which worked beautifully.

What I like the most about Najwa’s reiki’s approach is that she empowers her participants, explains the processes and its efficacy while helping them to overcome their difficulties. This personal, yet professional approach made me more eager to learn more about reiki practice from Najwa. Most importantly, I became very interested to further my discussion with Najwa about ways I can meditate to help myself benefit from the reiki sessions she provided me with.

I definitely recommend Najwa to those who are interested in experiencing reiki as an alternative therapy. Taking sessions with Najwa enabled me understand my body from different perspectives and learn ways to understand my pain and how to deal with it.

I would love to share my story with other people who are seeking new methods of therapy and willing to use Reiki as progressive experience.

Ranya Saad

Artist & Printmaker, Concordia University- Montreal- Qc

Last year I had an unusual pain in my right shoulder that I didn’t know what caused it and that was painful at times especially when I do certain movement. Generally, I’m healthy person and it was the first time that I face such a problem and lasted for few months.

Since the pain was intermittent and only happens when I do certain movements, I kept delaying going to the doctor become used to restricting my arm movement to avoid the pain. But every now and then I forget and my shoulder starting hurting again.

During a social occasion, I mentioned my shoulder pain to Najwa who offered to do a short Reiki session. I was skeptical as this was the first time that I do Reiki but I have heard of it before and decided to give it a try. The session was short (5-10 minutes) during which I felt come kind of warmth in my shoulder.

I didn’t test the results right away because I didn’t want to get disappointed and I didn’t want to go through the pain. But I noticed after a week that I didn’t experience the pain anymore which was very surprising in a happy way. I was even happier that the healing was fast and painless and that I didn’t have to take any medicine or go through tedious physio therapy sessions.

Duraid Abbas

Software Engineer, Pierrfond- Qc

During my pregnancy I was looking for new methods to control the labor pain, I was planning for a natural birth and I knew that I have hemorrhoid, I need to control my pain some way that I don’t cry later asking for a C section or more drugs.
I didn’t hesitate when I hear about the Reiki technics, why not!  Anything natural will help me to pass this day will be perfect.
I was lucky, I got an easy labor and a natural delivery and a healthy baby with less pain. And I enjoyed one of the most important moments in my life, meeting my little girl for the first time. I was awake, happy mom; I started eating and walk to the bathroom just 2 hours after my delivery.
So I recommend this service to other future moms, I think it helps a lot to support your physical and psychological situation at the big day.
Maybe starting early in your ninth month of pregnancy, knowing well your coach will be better.

Samah Mostafa

Graphic Designer, Montreal- Qc

I’ve been experiencing pains on my body, my head and neck. So I decided to give Reiki a try as an approach to natural healing. Najwa is such a compassionate soul and she does her work out of the pure love of others, I felt very safe in her hands. I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Najwa, performed on various parts of my body, both direcly and via remote healing. I remember being surprised after my first session, I felt much better! It was a very short session, only a few minutes. I was in great pain and she was kind enough to squeeze me in her busy schedule. She conducts the sessions calmly and professionally, immediately putting me at ease. I would definitely recommend Najwa’s services to friends and family who are in need of treatment. Medea Jaff

Interior Designer, Montreal- Qc

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about Reiki but after just one session with Najwa, there was no doubt at all of its effectiveness. I didn’t hesitate at all and booked my second and third session. I took three Reiki sessions with Najwa for three different pains I’ve had. Two sessions on my cheeks and one for my wrist, pained from repetitive computer work. In all three sessions, Najwa’s Reiki sessions made me feel immediately relaxed and the pain just disappeared! Najwa has such a positive energy, and I would definitely recommend her services. Arij Abdul Rahim

Designer, Chateauguay- Qc

I had very noticeable swelling on my wrist. When I went to Najwa, I was in so much pain and I was desperate for a solution. After taking just three Reiki sessions with Najwa, my pains are gone. The swelling reduced after just one session which gave me more optimism in regards to Reiki and its healing abilities. Najwa has been so patient and kind, her energy is always so positive. I highly recommend Najwa to anyone who has been experiencing aches and pains because my own experience with her has been so encouraging. Maha Asadi

Housewife, Chateauguay- Qc

I was suffering from back pain for few years. As everyone else I tried many ways to treat my suffering.

On February 2016 had back surgery and  I was still feeling pain after. I was again seeking every ways to help me ! Physiotherapy, massotherapies’, acupuncture, etc.  Talking to Najwa about my suffering we agreed to start the Reiki treatment.  I actually did not have any hesitation to work with Najwa. From the first session I felt relaxed and my leg & back pain was relieved, her sincere personality, her positive energy, calm and patient were her keys to let me feel good from the first session. I felt relaxed and my pain was relieved.

I benefited a lot from Najwa, for the fact that she is kind hearted, patient, and has a very positive energy made me to like working with her and I would like that others can have the same help.

Suad Agha


Revolutionary Education & Acquired Certifications:

-Opening Of The Chakras

-TPP: Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices

-Reiki Grand Master

-Reiki 1-3 Teacher

-Holistic Nutrition

-Feng Shui Essentials

-Spiritual Counselling- Relationships

-Theta Healing Advanced DNA

-Regression Therapy

-Inner Engineering

-Certified Life Coach

Awards & Memberships:


Professional Background:

-BSC in Architectural Engineering, Baghdad- Iraq- Baghdad University

-Masters In Engineering/ Building , Construction Management, Montreal/ Qc- Concordia University

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Hands on session is $100 per session / Package of 3 sessions or more is $80 per session, (to be paid in full at the first session).

PS: $20 to be added if I get to travel to your place in Montreal.

Over the phone session is $80 per session/ Package of 3 sessions or more is $60 per session, (to be paid in full at the first session).


Insurance receipts available to clients upon request.